Saturday , November 28 2020

156 contaminated with contaminated land

A total of 156 people in 10 US countries have been infected with E. coli by eating contaminated terrestrial meat at home and in restaurants since early March, US centers reported on Tuesday. UU for disease control and prevention.

No deaths were reported, but 20 people were hospitalized after being infected with the E. coli O103 strain from March 1, the CDC reported on its website.

The agency said an investigation was under way to determine the source of the contaminated beef mined to food stores and restaurants.

"At that time, no supplier, distributor or general beef brand was identified," said CDC.

The investigation began on March 28, when officials from Kentucky and Georgia informed centers of the outbreak. Since then, about 65 cases have been reported in Kentucky, 41 in Tennessee and 33 in Georgia.

Cases of E. coli have also been reported in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio and Virginia.

People infected with bacteria get sick two to eight days after eating the meat and sometimes they may develop kidney failure.

Many infected people have bought large supermarkets or pieces of beef in supermarkets and used the meat to cook dishes such as spaghetti sauce.

The CDC does not recommend (yet) the public to avoid eating ground meat, but that consumers and restaurants must safely process the ground meat and cook it properly to avoid illness.

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