Sunday , July 25 2021

23 million filtered profiles use 123456 as a password

"These types of reports reflect the lack of awareness of the risks associated with the use of weak passwords and the consequences this may have for privacy and personal information. Speaking of "strong password" or "strong password" refers to those that have a significant extension and have symbols, capital letters, lower case letters and even numbers, "said Camilo Gutierrez, head of the ESET Latin America Research Laboratory.

A recent ESET survey showed that 30% of users use two or three passwords for all their accounts. In this sense, the security firm reports that using strong passwords is the first step towards a safer and more responsible use of technology, especially since, according to the report of the British Agency, 89% of respondents are making Internet purchases, and 39 % do it weekly.

Here are some additional security tips for passwords:

• For added security, use double authentication factors
• Use long sentences and include numbers
• Do not use old passwords
• Create a different password for each account
• Change the password phrases periodically
• Use a trusted password manager



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