Thursday , June 24 2021

A warning in the United States of a virus that turns animals into "zombies"

The EU is alert to a virus that turns the animals into

The EU is alert to a virus that turns animals into "zombies"

United States. T

Authorities of USA and Canada they have activated a watchful after finds a strange disease which affects it deer, elk and deer turning them into something like zombies,

Also known as chronic cachexia (CWD for acronym in English), this disease causes sudden weight lossphysical deterioration, lack of co-ordination when walking, lost sight and unusual aggression,

on American Center for Disease Control and Prevention clarify this This is a disease that can be shrunk by the above-mentioned animals.

Dependence is open so far 24 cases of this disease.

In the months December 2018 and January 2019 have been discovered cases in the United States, Canada, Norway and FinlandWhile, in South Korea some cases without confirmation so far.

CWD was opened in 1960 in Colorado.

So far there is no vaccine or treatment against this disease,

Experts say the symptoms of this disease can take up to a year.


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