Sunday , July 25 2021

Additional guests of Wilson Astudillo and Johannes Pino

The Cardinals included the Caribbean striker for Henry Rodriguez, and the Lions added the right pitcher for Cesar Jimenez.

Caracas Well, they say the end is the "people's hour", not the names. But yesterday morning the leadership Lara's Cardinals and Lions from Caracas they called on two new players to boost their salaries in the crucial phase that begins tomorrow in Barquisimeto.

The Cardinals, when finishing in five games, had their first playoff series as the leader of the court and therefore became the first in the next stages to add players. He again exercises his "strength" with a category, taking over the services of Williams Astudillo, from Caribbean from Anzoátegui,

The winged directors, commanded by the former player and now sports manager, Jose Yepes, have already shown their favoritism from the utility of the tribe in the midst of the triumph of progress to the finish by asserting that "he is one of the best attackers in the game. this will be a great benefit to the final. "

Astudillo, who raises Lara's favoritism in a third consecutive final and is looking for his fifth crown, entered the wing of Henry Rodriguez, who arrived under the same conditions for the Tigres de Aragua semi-finals.

Meanwhile, the lions kept the tradition in the project. As in previous cases, they added a hand to strengthen their team in search of their 21 title and the first in eight LVBP campaigns.

Johann Pinowith Magellan, he was firm in front of the fortress, and hence the propensity of the cat eaters to give him the position of the injured Cesar Jimenez.
"He's a pitcher with an important career, accustomed to throwing in these cases. He has a good time, he's in shape, he's shown right against

Cardinals in the semi-final and hopefully continue this way. He will be one of the starting pitchers, "said the sports manager of the capital, Jose Manuel Fernandes, through the club's press service.

Fernandez also added that Jimenez, despite his illnesses on the right, will remain with the team who hopes to "recover in the face of a possible Caribbean series."

Four against two

For Johann Pinot this will be his seventh final in the LVBP and with four champion rings he does not hide his intentions to add another to Caracas. "I'm very proud to be in this final to help a team like Caracas," said the Cat's Right. Willian Astudillo, on the other hand, will play his third crucial phase, but in two of them he has become a champion.

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