Friday , July 30 2021

Altuve sets a new barrier to power in 2019

Adding eight home runs in April and can be doubled for a month for the first time

VICENTE VÁSQUEZ ANATO | Caracas April is a month of a dream Jose Altouve, who showed that he had reached 2019 at the best of his career since he was finished in March, he has accumulated eight home runs, the largest one in a month.

As if that was not enough, the Venezuelan waiter could also reach the double figures in the bamboo before the end of April, something he had never achieved before June, so the forecasts show that the Houston Astros he could break his personal hat on his runways, which he called during the seasons of 2016 and 2017 when he sent out 24 bets.

"I'm a little terrified of the number of homer. I dont know what is going on. It's not me, "said Kreolka Texas Sports Nation after the match on Tuesday, when his ninth full-round come back of the year.

In addition, Puerto de Caballero is the leader of the Sideric in the category of home runs and among all attackers in American League is located in the second field next to J Bruce,

Even Venezuelan was a major one, so the army, led by AD. Hinch won the triumph in 12 of his last 16 games, a period in which Altouve joined the .317 with eight homer and 19 RBI.

However, infielder took center stage and praised his teammates, which he believes are the real architects of the Astros success.

"When you have Alex Bregman, George Springer, Josh Redik, Carlos Corea in one team, something good will happen," added the waiter.

His latest homer are 398 feet and in the 23 games he has played, he has .289 on average with nine Hoomers, 20 RBIs and 14 tracks.

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