Tuesday , June 15 2021

An Afghan boy who met with Messi now lives threatened by the Taliban

World fame is difficult to work with every 7-year-old child. In Afghanistan, this can also endanger life,

In January 2016, young Murtha Ahmadi's photo became viral, thanks to his improvised version of Argentine idol football shirt Lionel Messi. The shirt, the bag with blue and white stripes with the name Messi, written with a pen on his back, he won two autographed boys, signed a soccer ball and met a millionaire footballer 11 months later,

Today many people can now recognize Ahmadi, but he runs away, wants to not,

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Ahmadi's problems began after meeting with his hero on a brief visit to Qatar. They were not problems caused by constant attention or by the paparazzi, which are common in the lives of the players. It was in the November Taliban that the Taliban invaded the area of ​​Yagori in the province of Gazni, where it grew,

The Taliban killed our relatives and were looking for houses. They stopped the cars, killed their passengers, searched houses and killed people."Ahmadi said CNN,

"We were not allowed to play football for the Taliban or even leave the house," he said. "We were going to hear the sound of heavy machine guns, calipers, and rockets at home. We hear people screaming".

Ahmadi in particular has been the subject of threats"says his mother Shafica, citing his glory.

"Since the day Murtaza became famous, our family's life has become difficult," says Shafica. "Not only the Taliban, but other groups also began to think that Messi could give him a lot of moneyWe stopped sending it to school and they threatened us all the time.

Lionel Messi learned about the boy's loyalty and sent him two autographed and ball T-shirts signed by UNICEF in February.

Ahmadi says he has told his mother to take him to another place. finally, Ahmadi's father helped them both escape to the nearby town of Bamyan,

"The last time I saw my father was the first day we came here""Ahmadi said. "Then he came back and I have not seen him since. I miss him so much. When he calls my mother, I also talk to him.

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From Bamiy Ahmadi and his mother traveled to Kabul capital, where they now lie among the many refugees. but her mother still does not feel safefor fear that others want to kidnap his son because of his ties to the millionaire footballer.

"It would be better if Murtaz did not get fame," he said. Now our lives are in danger both in our hometown and here in Kabul. He spends all his time here in the house".

Since the day that Murtaza became known, the situation of the family is aggravated by the fact that it belonged to the Hazar minority, a group of Afghan Shiites persecuted by the Taliban and brutally attacked by the ISIS African ISIS franchise.

They tell their story at a time when Hazar is afraid of a possible peace treaty with the US and the Taliban may authorize the Taliban and bring the US troops out of the country,

Last month, US officials and Taliban leaders met in Qatar in unprecedented talks aimed at long-term bargaining for the longest US war.

Now Shafica again calls Messi, this time for help, to leave the country. "I would like Messi to help Murtaza to help us leave Afghanistan in order for Murtaza to have a better future",

In Kabul Ahmadi can only play football in the clothing of his apartment block, and his football dreams are limited by his situation.

Like many Afghans, after decades of foreign involvement and war, he was caught between the limited assistance foreigners want to give to the Afghans and the greater help they want.

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"In Kabul I can not leave the house," Ahmadi said. "My mother will not leave me. He's afraid I just play with my boyfriend in the house ",

"When I was in my hometown, I could not wear my shirt from Messi because I was afraid someone would hurt me, I want to take me from this country because there are battles here. I want to be a footballer like Messi and play with Messi.

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