Thursday , June 24 2021

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says he has sold all his BTC holdings to the top of $ 20,000

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said he had sold his entire Bitcoin (BTC) when the currency reached $ 20,000 in December 2017. Financial media business insider Nordic reported Wozniak's comments on January 24th.

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Speaking to the Nordic Business Forum in Stockholm, Sweden, Wozniak said he first bought an unprotected Bitcoin when the crypt is about $ 700 because he "wanted to experiment with it." Then explain what she plans to do with her:

"My purpose was to travel to a place like Stockholm and go to restaurants and hotels that only accept Bitcoin and only use Bitcoin when I was traveling."

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However, when Bitcoin reached its historic maximum of about $ 20,000, Wozniak claims to have sold all of its BTC holdings. He said:

"When I was shot, I said I did not want to be one of those people watching, watching and caring for the number. I do not want this kind of worry in my life […] Part of my happiness is that I do not worry, so I sold everything and just got rid of it.

Wozniak concluded that "he never invested money in any way" before revealing that he "never used the shares of Apple, did not buy and sell shares." Moreover, as Cointelegraph reported in June last year, Wozniak said that "Bitcoin is pure digital gold" in an interview, confirming his belief in the crypto-lite, although he has already sold most of his possessions at that time.

Even when he described it blockchain Like a balloon that resembled that of the dot-com in the same month, Wozniak pointed out that Bitcoin was "just amazing." In addition, in October 2018, Wozniak also announced that he was co-founder of EQUI Global, a venture capital fund focused on blockchain,

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