Sunday , June 20 2021

Arnold Schwarzenegger's son with a Guatemalan girl recreates his father's icon

The son of Arnold Schwarzenegger recreates an emblematic picture of the actor. 21-year-old Joseph Baena was proud of his muscles as well as the main character of the Terminator in 1967 in the German audience.

"I had to take advantage of the light," wrote the young man, born from an affair between the movie star and Mildred Bena, at the time was a domestic official.

Schwarzenegger has four more children with Maria Shriver, of which he is now split. Catherine, the firstborn of the family, recently announced her commitment to actor Chris Pratt, who was previously married to Anna Faris.

In her social networking profile, Bena describes herself as a fitness enthusiast who is trying to get into the world of acting. He often shares his exercises with nearly 50,000 followers who emphasize the amazing resemblance to his famous father.

Joseph Baena, son of the actor with guatemala

During an interview with Howard Stern's radio show (in 2016), Schwarzenegger spoke about his relationship with Benaine.

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"He (Joseph Baena) is excellent and fully understands the situation," Arnold said. "So it turns out … This is a difficult situation for him, for my children and for my family, it was very difficult for everyone, but it happened and now we have to deal, right?"

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