Wednesday , June 16 2021

Arrested two people for smuggling 20,000 units of drugs

Bolivarian National Police (PNB) arrested two people on the Falcon – Zulia national highway on Tuesday, smuggling 20,000 units of drugs.

Jose Gregor Zaraghe, 45, and Cesar Ramoness Braccio, 38, are detained. At the time of the action, by failing to present the rules for drug delivery, citizens who moved to a white truck, the Ford F-800, were arrested and detained.

On the other hand, Delta Amacouro, the Cpnb uniform, managed to recover 720 liters of diesel. Due to this fact, Carlos Rafael Soto Gonzalez (58) was arrested on Orinoco Boulevard at the San Rafael parish, Tucupita municipality, according to the Ministry of Interior, Justice and Peace.

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