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At least 50 consular workers will return to Venezuela without work

January 25, 2019 09:08
Updated on January 25, 2019 22:21

Venezuelan Embassy and Consulate workers in the United States woke up this Friday with a bitter feeling when they received news that they would return to the country after Nicholas Maduro announced he had decided to close US consulates.

A consular worker denounced it The National that the return is "hit" because they have received the news through WhatsApp messages. He stressed that they were told by their request that they should return to Venezuela and were informed of the time their flight would depart on Saturday, January 26th.

"Officials leaving their homes have to pay fines because when you cancel a rental contract because you have to leave and you do not have a diplomatic clause, you have to pay an additional rent of two to three months," a source explained. The National,

He assured that some 50 of the consulates of Miami, Boston and New York when returning to Venezuela would have no job, because the Foreign Ministry staff who had a temporary contract had to resign from his office to serve as a staff member. of the Commission abroad. While the permanent staff of the institution will be able to return to their jobs before leaving the country.

"The only thing they give is the passage. There are employees who arrive in Venezuela and do not even have their own homes, arrive in the country with nothing and an unpaid dollar debt (…) Whole families depend on work, the problem of children is complex because they are in a vulnerable situation, "said he.

The consular officer criticizes the so- "Decent Return" because the basic needs of workers are not taken into account. "This is not a political issue because they are people, government officials, who are there to find solutions to Venezuelan demands in the United States."

Delays in payments

Consular officials reported that for three months, the Foreign Ministry owed them a total of three months of pay, as well as bonuses and holiday bonuses.

The explanation that employees receive from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is that they "have no resources".

"Officials leaving the country have to pay fines and three months' arrears of salary payments make it impossible to cover debts," he said.

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