Tuesday , June 15 2021

Authorizes 16 national banks to receive payments from ISLR

on National Integrated Customs Service and Tax Administration (SENIAT) informs collaborators who can do it Income tax payment (ISLR) corresponding to the year fiscal year 2018, through 16 authorized by the agency banking institutions.

Banking entities authorized to receive cash payments are: 100% bank, active bank, central bank of Venezuela, bank of Venezuela, bank of the bank, foreign bank, bank with common funds, commercial bank, national credit bank, Western Discount Bank, provincial bank, Sofita Bank, Banesco, Bicentennial, Citibank and Banco Caroni, in this case it is reported that the user has to print three copies or proof of payment.

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Through Bank Entities: Active Bank; National Credit Bank; External Bank; Western Discount Bank; Provincial Bank; Banesco, the General Fund, the Ministry of Finance, Banco Bicentenario, Banco de Venezuela and Banco Mercantil; on ordinary customers they can do electronic paymentsThat is right let's say, transfers.

While Banco del Tesoro, Banco Bicentenario and Banco de Venezuela will also receive electronic payments from taxpayers qualify as special.

on National Supervisor Customs and taxes, Jose David Cable Rondon, invite collaborators to make the payment of income tax by e-banking in the comfort of your home, which is a contribution to the country's achievements benefit of all Venezuelans.

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