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Avengers EndGame: The devastations left by Hulk's clicking

"Avengers EndGame" ended with one of the most exciting results in the history of cinema in the genre of science fiction. Tony Stark was like the great hero of the avengers after his sacrifice to save the universe.

But no doubt, to bring all the avengers together, Hulk sacrifices his right hand to provoke the first click and hence be the first avenger in the history of cinema to wear the glove.

The new version of the green giant was responsible for reversing the click Thanos made in the War of the Immortals. But now it was revealed that he was not the only one he did, to gather all his friends and fallen people.

Kevin Feyge said Banner has taken care of all people returning to a safe place after a click. That is, if someone was going to be overrun or on board something that did not exist, Hulk took precautions to avoid coming back to that context.

That's why we need to unite Hulce with Bruce Banner and bring Professor Hulk. Because she will have the mental and physical strength to make the best decision in the click of infinity.

Marvel's president left the opportunity for Mark Ruffalo to return as a Hulk into a MCU movie, but not individually, because the hero's rights as it belongs to Universal.

This decision was decisive and the most intelligent. No doubt; Hulkeate.

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