Tuesday , June 15 2021

Bale, Vinicius, Isco, Benzema … Santiago Solari examines the news for Real Madrid

Santiago Solari appeared in front of the media after the convincing victory Real Madrid against Girona in Copa del Rey last Thursday. And also to talk before the match against Espanyol tomorrow about the white, so he has reviewed some topical issues. These are the main responses of the Argentine coach:

Outside the house: "We have to do the same thing in the last games: maximum attention and concentration from the first second, we need the whole intensity and energy of these two previous matches."

Solaris and her courage with the attacks: "I try to deal with every game with the maximum guarantee of victory and that all players are involved, engaged and focused that they work with joy is not easy because all players want to play and it's impossible, it's a mathematical question" .

Fear of injury with Vinicius: "Vinicius is football like any other player, the judges are there to enforce the rules, he does his best, we are pleased with his features."

How do you see the Solaris hobby? "This is a matter for them, I appreciate the work of the players, they are the basis of everything, they put their energy, their body and their body to achieve the goals."

Benzema: "He has had many peaks throughout his career, but he's in a big moment he's very generous in his way of understanding football and he makes everyone around him better, he's generous in his efforts he plays almost everything and he is generous because he plays with pain, he is generous in everything, he is one of the best in the world of his position.

The Battle of Isko: "The only battle that exists is the next game, almost all of them are available, except for Keiller and Vallejo, we have many battles and very close battles, they will all be needed, we have to be very careful and put intensity, energy and good game of recent games ".

Espanyol: "They make good pressure and there are very fast people, they are dangerous, and so I repeat so much concentration and attention from the first second."

Bale and its property: "We will see who will play tomorrow and the next few weeks … The players who are recovering, we want them to be on top as soon as possible, Garrett is very important to us because he is a fantastic player."

Vinicius: "His adaptation is very fast, he is very young and has made a very quick adaptation on all levels, the make-up has received him very well and has managed to show his talent.

Return with Isco: "Soccer wins with all the team members, from all areas, the match wins from those who start, those who leave and everyone who works for this game, it's important that everyone feels important."

Physical condition: "At the heart of everything is the heart of the player, it is not only physical, but also technical and emotional."

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