Sunday , June 13 2021

Barcelona decides to sign Matthijs de Ligt

The President of FC Barcelona, Jose Maria Barthomeu, has provided a broad interview during the last hours of the Radio Channel Barcelona program without concessions, which has been given the possibility that FC Barcelona may close the signing of Matthijs de Ligt next summer, a young and well-known central Ajax, on the agenda of all major clubs in Europe.

As it happens, De Ligt is one of Frenkie de Jong's best friends, recently signed by Barcelona, ​​and none of them has ever concealed that he would like to play with his friend in the same team. Hence, there is speculation about the possible signing of Matsch de Ligt, which, according to Bartomé, the club is not seriously evaluating,

"We've been following De Ligth for a long time, it's true he's a playerbut Barca also has other important players on the team, "said Barca's top club manager, admitting that Barcelona is closely following De Liget, but so far no negotiations have been held with either the player or Ajax to create an embed.

If FC Barcelona decides to bet on the signing of Matthijs de Ligt, it will be from next monthswhen you begin planning seriously in the next season 2019-20. "From March or April we will see more things, we are happy to see him play and admire him, but there is nothing at the moment, he told the Dutch protector.

De Lige is a good game against Real Madrid

Matesis de Lige was this Wednesday's best of Ajax against Real Madrid, in the first round of the second round. t Champions LeagueUnfortunately, for Real Madrid's VAR and Real Madrid goal, they have made the winners win by 1-2 in the first match so they will enjoy a good advantage when faced with the return to Santiago Bernabeu .

Matthijs de Ligt was a fort in the air balloons for Ajaxand knew how to take control of the ball controlled from behind. They undoubtedly fit into every big club in Europe, but today Barcelona has not taken any step forward to sign it, Whether he can give it or not in the coming months, this is another story …

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