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Bitcoin is a year away from cutting its block fee by half CriptoNoticias

Approximately one year, Bitcoin will be halved, the next reduction in the BTC prize generated by each block added to the chain. At present, each block is equivalent to a reward of 12.5 new BTC, while in the next reduction it will reach 6.25 BTC. This division is carried out every 210,000 units.

Thus, the protocol ensures that BTC is not issued before the set time, mathematically controls inflationThis mechanism also ensures a progressive increase in the total supply of the crypto-band, which has a limit of 21 000 000 BTC.

This new reduction, which will come after the completion of block 630,000, will be the third in the history of the Bitcoin block chain.

Up to now, more than 577,000 blocks have been dug. I mean, almost 53,000 are missing to break the prize, known as half every 4 yearsand this is expected for some date between May 20 and May 23, depending on fluctuations in computing power.

From the block of genesis, every dredged block equaled a total of 50 BTCs. Then, on reaching the first half, in 2012 the figure was reduced to 25 BTC. The second half occurred in 2016, the amount being divided into the current 12.5 BTC per block.

Among the portals that track progress to the next event, most agree that the deadline will be the next 23 May 2020, depending on the rate of mining and processing power.

However, there are also those who provide a prior date claiming that the increase in hashish has occurred already exceeds 50 EH / s, in BitInfoCharts data. These include developers Jameson Lop or the portal. However, the possible difference between the date would not be longer than a few days.

Change in BTC price

To date, each battleship has jumped to an increase in the value of cryptocell, which helps maintain profitability levels for miners.

In 2012, the price rose from $ 12.35 on the day of splitting $ 127 over 150 days into BitcoinClock data. Then, in 2016, BTC's value is 650.63 USD on the day of half, while at the same time over the next 150 days it reached $ 758.81,

As the circulating supply is approaching its maximum, the BTC emission rate is decreasing. This, added to the growth of its acceptance and demand, has led to an increase in the cost of cryptoLight.

It is hard to predict what will happen after the 630,000 block is excavated next year. In addition, how much will the price increase be? However, so far every event has been followed by an increase in BTC's value.

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