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Blood tests can detect lung cancer, according to a study

February 13, 2019, 11:23Recent research by British scientists suggests analyzing blood levels of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) may improve early detection of lung cancer, published today by Disease Models and Mechanisms.

During the study, experts from the Department of Toxicology of the British Council for Medical Research used mice with mutations in a gene called KRAS to model the precancerous stages of lung cancer.

Researchers carry out computer tomography scanning regularly to monitor the development of small pre-cancerous lung tumors in rodents.

The team found lung cancer lung mice to have higher levels of circulating DNA than healthy animals and that levels of DNA released from cancerous tumors in the blood correlated with the size of the tumors seen in CT. computerized.

After analyzing the DNA in the bloodstream to determine the presence of the correct KRAS mutation that caused the development of tumors, the specialists found that in the later stages of tumor development where it is still pre-cancerous, the mutation of KRAS is still Circulating DNA may be detected

Leading author of the study, Miguel Martins, believes that such studies should be performed with mice with pre-cancerous lesions in other tissues to know if circulating DNA has a potential for early detection of the disease in patients.

Lung cancer is the cause of the number one death associated with this disease in the world, mainly due to the difficulty of finding it at an early stage.

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