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Bruce Willis's coloring in a league match that woke up the general bu (Video)

Bruce Willis was not lucky at a baseball match. | Photo: Twtter @MLB

One of the MLB's franchises is to invite a star to start before the game starts. In this case, it was the turn of actor Bruce Willis Infobae,

The American, known for his role in the Duro de Matar film saga, was applauded by the public who attended Civic Bank Park to enjoy the duel between Philadelphia Phyllis and Milwaukee Brewers. But the ovation became a boom after its sad performance.

Walking on the grass and greeting the stands, Willis took the ball and stood like a pitcher to throw it. The distance did not look far, and it was even set in front of the start zone to shorten the distance with the receiver, but the ball did not reach its goal.

To wonder everyone, Bruce Willis can avoid bullets, strike, bounce from burning buildings, and make dangerous moves in quick pursuits, but he can not simply throw. The ball stung before reaching its target and the audience exploded.

The audience's reproach was not long in listening, and the actor himself smiled with shame before being greeted by one of the players and returning to his place.

The 64-year-old American will start filming his next action movie, The Long Night, which, fortunately for him, will not have to go to a baseball stadium.

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