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Caracas of a villa

January 25, 2019, 1:16 pm

Less than two weeks passed so that baseball fans in the Venezuelan capital could again have the opportunity to visit the university stadium to watch a match from Venezuela's professional baseball league.

Though the one that will come tonight is not for any game. Neither for the case it represents, nor for the context in which the local Leones del Caracas are located.

The hairstyle team returns to their bitter-cave cave left by the Barquisimetos tour where they were defeated in the first two confrontations of the series where, among other things, they were widely conquered by red birds, they paid their way to the fifth title of his story.

For Mike Rogas, the victory in today's match against his fans is more than convincing. Avoids being against the wall in a confrontation that has been allowed with the first winner of four challenges and also to give a boost that seems to need a devastated tolequista caraquista who has almost zero production in the two confrontations carried out on the western territory,

Broken. There, especially at the Antonio Herrera Gutierrez stadium, the Leones' attackers had only 12 hits in 62 bats, leaving them with a collective average of. which is the best record of each team in this case.

Long distance travel also did not help. Although out of a dozen hits earned until Wednesday, only 5 of them are more than one base and no one is quadrant, showing a decrease in the downline to .274, not enough to win often.

Pitters also could not stand. Although the discoverers were not punished with seriousness, the damage could not be minimized, and eventually they gave up and were damaged in the final decision of the matches.

Likewise, the CPC could not do anything against the criminals of the cardinals, who had no mercy on them, and the same Craig Stem, the secret weapon of manager Mike Rogas, was deciphered and hit by force.

Many merits. Although lions paid the price of low collective production, it is not necessary to underestimate the work done by the cardinals through their shovels; as well as its armored personnel.

The arrival of William Astudillo gave a balance to the composition of manager Jose Horno, in which he left certain roles to his other teammates and they took and paid for him in such a way that they all had a minimal contribution in he won the first two matches and shed on average 400, with 15 wins and 14 RBI, plus a pair of home runs.

As far as uploading is concerned, there is nothing to say about what has not been reviewed. This is still his great bastion, and this is demonstrated by the 1.50 ERA recorded between Tuesday and Wednesday at Lara, with 0.00 highlighting that the facilitators combined after 7.1 workouts.

There is a duel. For tonight at UCV Park it is expected that the discoverers appointed by the two teams will make a heavy fight for the pitchers.

For Caracas will be the reinforcement of Johan Pino, who came from the Magalans with scrolls to tame the birds at their two outings in the semi-finals, in which he won the winner in both without letting annotations.

Williams Peres, on the other hand, will be responsible for launching the contest. Llanero was one of the best pitchers throughout the tournament and was not different in the post-season. Although his involvement was in tension, he received permission from the San Luis Cardinals and would sit at the top of the capital with the mission to put local residents under control and put his team at the doors of a longing and as they cataloged themselves, special "championship.

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