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Channey Tatum assured that his cell phone was spying on him

The actor of "Magic Mike" was afraid of a strange video uploaded to their social networks.

Channing Tatum he shot quite annoyed because of the astrological application called The Pattern, which is defined as an application that helps people better understand and connect with other people on another level. In the video that became viral on the internet, the actor seems to criticize the company's privacy policy.

"I need answers," said the main character of "Magic Mike," who was very nervous. – What is this about the model? They asked me to set the date of birth and time of birth. By the way, who remembers the weather? I hope everyone who does this has a father who loves them, because I do not know how to solve it.

Then the actor noticed his surprise that he knew how much personal information his application had. "How do you know everything you know about me, Model?" People in The Pattern and people using this app should send me a personal message at this point and tell me how they know all that, "the actor said.

"I do not know if anyone should know these things about someone," continued the main character of "Votos de amor". – Yesterday, I was on therapy, yes, I went to therapy. Everyone has to do it. The point is, I got a notification on my phone this morning, and the exact words I used came up. Do you listen through people's cell phones, Model?

"Are you listening to my conversations or just throwing me in the face of things I'm afraid of?" – said the actor. Later in the video, he asked the people in charge of the request to contact him to explain how his application works. Several hours after his video was posted to Instagram, the actor received a response from his "spies."

– Hello Channing. Thank you for telling us that you are planning to blow our servers. Well, we'll talk with a personal message in a few minutes, "wrote The Pattern on Tatum. – Here you are! We have something to talk about. Meanwhile, I'll do my best to make your servers fall until you tell me all your secrets, "the actor replied.

The official intrustructure account noted that Tatum's concern about his personal information gave an incredible boost to the app, which reported a huge amount of downloads since the actor published his video last Friday. Through their stories in the social network The Pattern shared the experience of their new users with their service.

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