Tuesday , August 3 2021

Cicpc caught 50 panelas suspected cocaine

The authorities tracked five other people involved in drug trafficking.

After field investigation officers from the Scientific Corps, Criminal and Criminal Investigation (CICPC), arrested two people for the trade of 50 suspected cocaine.

The suspects were identified as arscar Junior Vega Pallares, 29, aka Junior, and Nicolasa María Pallares Gutiérrez, a Colombian citizen.

The procedure takes place in the Cambalache environment.

That fact was informed by the Cicpc general commissioner, Douglas Rico, through social networking during this Thursday morning.

He explained that the items were transferred to two cargo trucks.

Then they are taken to a farm located in the reference sector, on the banks of the Orinoco River.

According to the official version, once on the site the item was loaded into several canoes.

Criminals will go to the river to Tucupita, Delta Amacuro state, and then to Trinidad and Tobago, where they consider the drug to be marketed.


It is known that neighboring communities are those who denounce irregular situations to the authorities.

So, immediately a commission attached to the Anti-Narcotics Brigade from the scientific police began a related investigation.

Supposedly, the detainees were part of a group of thugs known as Blacksmiths of the Drug.

It was revealed that it was not the first time that the couple would transfer substance along this route.

According to what was reported by the head of the scientific police, two vans were also discovered during the process: the Grand Cherokee and Toyota Land Cruiser

Also some blacksmith tools and electronic scales.

The authorities worked to arrest five subjects who, according to the investigation, were involved in crime.

Individuals have been fully identified by the authorities.

For now, the pair is placed in the order of the appropriate prosecutor's office and will be presented in the next few hours.

One week

Those living in the sector commented that the procedure was carried out by detectives more than a week ago, but until now it was published. The total weight of the item is unknown.

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