Thursday , June 17 2021

Civilization VI is played for free until February 14 at Steam. You have two days to conquer the world

There are many ways to warm the environment in the face of imminent enlargement. Offering two days of free play is one of the best. From today to the start of Gathering Storm, you can download and play without restrictions on Steam's Civilization VI.

Put another way: forget about the 60-shift demo offered by Sid Meyer's title, you can build alliances with the most powerful leaders in history, see your own empire grow and conquer the world for the reason … Or power.

Luxurious anteroom in front of the launch Civilization VI: Storm collection, the next major expansion of content that will arrive on the same day, adding eight extra civilizations, nine more leaders, new units, districts, great buildings and its star novation: natural disasters.

So far, if you did not give a chance to one of the best strategy games of the decade, You have until February 14th to enjoy for free Civilization VI and the entire content of the game offered for launch.

And, as usual, during these free game times, you can add it to your library constantly with a very tempting 70% discount: € 17,99 or € 40,09 if you bet on the Rotonda Civilization VI Gold Edition initially worth € 127.92.

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