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Comparison of Renault R.S.18 and R.S.19

This week we thought we would go on a daily basis with presentations closer to the first day we will see the cars in "flesh and blood" on the track. However, today Renault it became clear that if Haas, Toro Rosso and Williams hide their letters for now, Enstone will not reveal more than necessary or even less.

In the Presentation Event in Enstone the presence of press representatives, what was revealed in the removal of the blanket was not the new RS19, and the RS18 with the wings of 2019. This can be inferred by comparing renderers posted online with what is on the scene, especially in the area of sidepods,

He also says:

Although they fit the new design, the renderings do not cease, according to Giorgio Piola, "just a first impression." Therefore, this comparative exercise can not go very far, although if there are already differences with the other projects seen so far, at the same time we identify the trends that are in line with what we saw from Haas and Toro Rosso. ,

The front wing, presented in R.19, renders the previous one in two ways. The first, main plane is not divided into two main profiles but remains as one. In addition, when looking at the front or at an angle, you can see how the curve of the upper flaps turn down, linking end washer lower than, for example, the Rosso bull, which along with other shapes, such as the curvature of the end of the end washer, evidence attempts to direct the flow around the front wheels.

You can see even further by dragging the pointer stick to the middle of the chassis after the front suspension, as what was already an incredibly complex area is even more so as our rules allow us to forward profiles that are in the lower part and which extend from the lower end of the bargeboards,

Team Renault F1 R.S.19

Team Renault F1 R.S.19

Photo: Renault Sport

IN sidepodsAs can be seen in the picture above these letters and in the interactive comparison table that follows these paragraphs, we can identify the trend we have seen in these days to raise the side air entrances, also using Ferrari's decision, in the RS19 case resembles that presented by Red Bull in its RB14 last year.

Then there is also one of Enston's characteristic features, whose upper air is very tall, oval and with several branches. This is part of the car, which in hybrid turbo-assemblies performs with admissions, but especially with cooling. In front of this configuration gives the impression of creating a front that is much larger than the competitors, as was the case with the previous year.

To the rear you can see one of the areas where Renault has generated the most interest last year, the location of the exhaust pipe, at an aggressive angle that is passed to the lower part of the main plane of the rear wing.

This year, they say, is not because the highest point of the wing according to the rules makes it more difficult. However, it is estimated that Renault is moving from one pole to two in the form of a swan door, another trend, and the return of seat monkey on the exhaust pipe.

Both the previous comparator and the following suggest a very aggressive rake angle for the RS19, although the move does not seem to be radically different from what they had last year, a reason why they seem to follow the Red Bull road. , a team that will no longer be a reference to this year, because they may have to look back or side by side with the only team they now share with the McLaren power block.

When Renault returned to Formula One as a factory in 2016, re-launching the Lotus operation, Carlos Ghosn, who is now involved in one of the biggest controversies in the history of the automotive sector, talks about the podiums in the third season as the goal .e. last year, be executed for at least a second and a half, if not more.

Renault continues to arm itself to be able to reach it and its ultimate goal is to fight back the world title. They hired Ricciardo, had the former FIA's recruiting Marcin Budkovski, they increased their salaries, expanded and improved their facilities.

R. 19 must be the car that allows them to bridge between the place where they ended 2018 and where they want to be in 2020 or earlier. This is a year in which they will face the opposition by teams technically connected to one of the three largest and having an efficiency they do not do, such as Haas, Toro Rosso or Alfa Romeo. There are others who get an injection of substantial capital, as is the case with Racing Point, which will also have some of the first additions.

This is a key year in 2019 in the drive of Renault to turn the leading group into one of the eight cars in the future, not just three.

With information from Jake Boxall-Legge

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