Thursday , July 29 2021

Cryptokicks: Nike sets the foundation for entering the CriptoNoticias cryptoclub

The Nike Sportswear and Shoes Company has filed a Cryptokicks application for registration through the US Patent and Trademark Registration System on April 19th.

The Nike app includes the brand's goal of providing "financial services, ie providing a digital currency or digital sign for use by members of the online community via a global computer network." In short, they plan to release their own crypto-wave.

In addition, they concern the development of a portfolio of crypto data, both software and hardware; the management of cryoptoectors; exchange software and the entire financial platform around "Cryptokicks", through which they plan to form an entire online community.

They also mention the creation of a brand-based shopping platform in which customers can buy shoes and clothing.

US patent attorney Josh Gergen, highlighted through Twitter that the Nike app was introduced to "Base B1". This means that they report their intention to use the brand in the future, saying he has not used the name so far.

The company has not yet issued a statement on the matter, so other details of its brand plans are unknown. It is known that the contest has 30 days from the time the application was filed. If approved, Nike will be named for at least four years, during which time you must use it commercially to acquire your rights.

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