Thursday , June 24 2021

Darnell and Steam left a hairy cave

The length of the rest of Lions' imports in the country will be known this afternoon

Caracas. "After all the inconveniences that occurred in the bosom Lions from Caracas for the realization of the second match of the final series in .tv Antonio Hirrera Gutierrez from Barquisimeto, after returning to the capital, several imported players left the cave before a wave of conflicts occurred in the country's capital during the current week.

According to information provided by the social networks by the journalist Andrew SanchezAt least the American jugs Logan Darnell and Craig Stem Today, they will return to North America, while other outsiders will determine their status at the same time before the third clash for the championship scheduled for the evening at the University Stadium.

Darnell He opened the first of the Barquisimeto series and lost his back while Stem, who had been awarded the mound as the liberator of several, had already begun to show signs of fatigue.

Lara gave her safety

Yesterday afternoon, Lara's cardinals moved to Caracas to play tonight in the third match against the Lions Final; with increased security before the violent conflicts that live in several areas. Players arrived in the capital with a special security ring, according to sources close to the twilight set, and will stay with them during the three days scheduled for the action.

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