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"Dragon Ball Super: Broly" falls fourth in the box office on his second day

Selecta Visión won with "Dragon Ball Super Broly" as the most watched in her premiere on Friday at the Spanish cash register. This news may surprise some, but the fact is that there is a quite logical explanation: the Spanish anime fans and the Bolla Dragon saga went to the Spanish cinemas to learn more about this new part of the one of the most famous superheroes and superpowers in the Japanese anime universe,

However, the golden strip of success is not eternal and the figures turned their backs on the film on Saturday, leaving it in an acceptable fourth place, but it made it fall from the top. The Japanese animated film took its first place on Saturday under "The same roof," the comedy of Juana Makiasi, followed by "Green Book" second and "Creed II: The Legend of Rocky" in third place.

The film, starring Silvia Abril and Jordi Sanchez, not only put the film in first place on the number of viewers on Saturday, February 2, but also made her main actress the most viewed woman in Spain between the Goya 2019 awards and the gala premiere of comedy. This was made possible by her role as a presenter with Andrew Buenafouente in one of the most fun galaxies of recent years.

On the Sabbath, cash boxes appear

The Spaniards have decided that the films that most interested them on the first Saturday of February after the Spanish comedy were mostly large American productionssuch as the Oscar-nominated La Favorita, the Green Book, or the "Aquaman" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" phenomena that continue to grow.

It is always a joy that Spanish spectators appreciate and rely on national cinema, which struggles so hard to maintain the level of foreign productions, it seems that Spanish cinema and television have a good season climbing step by step to success, alley!

The best moments of the Goya 2019 awards

1 The introductory video
The introductory video

It can be said that the beginning of the Goya 2019 Gala Prize was the task. Andrew Buenaufuente and Sylvia Abril appeared a pre-recorded video full of jokes, humor and a good technical accountIn this piece, both of the guys show up in a car of a large number of Spanish filmmakers after they ruined the gala, which led to effective jokes for the nominated films and even to Harvey Weinstein or Puigdon.

2 The original speech
The original speech

In addition to the good presentation video, Buenafuente and Abril managed to maintain the level of the gala thanks to the good opening speech, a review of all the movies and celebrities nominated with many jokes of the most effective, "Champion" is for a coach who is on the top and falls into the underworld: The Story of Lopegigi, confirmed Buenafuente among many other points of humor.

As usual in Goya, this first speech of the gala already has place for jokes for politicians, especially for gala members. In addition, other celebrities, such as Lethissia Dolera, were not spared to be at the center of attention: the head of Leticia Dolera must have exploded. "Hosts, Some More Feminist than Me""Sylvia Abril jokes.

3 The reaction of Anna Castillo
The reaction of Anna Castillo

The faces or expressions of Goya's assistants during the gala event always end in one of the great moments of the night. On this occasion, Anna Castillo's reaction, which she did not miss, was that after not winning Goya as the best supporting actress and seeing Carolina Justte taking the prize, he could not escape to show a face of maximum surprise,

4 The presentation of Rosalia
The presentation of Rosalia

Rosalie was supposed to attend the Gola Gala 2019, and we predicted one of the biggest moments of the night, but to anyone's surprise, the Malamote singer or Pianos en heard, managed to surprise and excite us beyond our expectationsAnd that is, Rosalia appears on the stage of Goya, performing with great emotion and passion the song "I Stay With You" by Los Chungitos, singing a delightful chapel version accompanied by Jove Català Choir.

5 The Discipline of Jesus Vidal
The Discipline of Jesus Vidal

"Ladies and gentlemen of the Academy, you have distinguished actor with disability as Revelation for Best Actor, they do not know what they have done, three words come to mind: inclusion, diversity, visibility, what excitement, thank you very much!"In these words, Jesus Vidal began his speech after winning Goya for Revelation for Best Actor for the Champions, as the beginning of a series of words that moved and set foot on the whole audience and all viewers who saw a gala of their homes, Emphasize, especially the message that Vidal has sent to his family: "Dear parents, I would like to have a son like me because I have parents like you",

6 Go to the honor of Uncle Ibanez Serrador
Go to the honor of Uncle Ibanez Serrador

Uncle Ibanez Serrador received Goya this year for his entire career as a director and producer. For this reason, and to better honor this important figure of fantastic cinema and horror in Spain, Gala was determined to pay tribute to these genres through an exciting video that goes through many of the most mythical titles of Spanish horror and fantasy finishing this tribute to great figures on stage such as those of Juan Antonio Bayon, Alejandro Amenbar, Alec de la Iglesia or Rodrigo Cortes devotes some delightful words to Ibanez Serrador and his entire contribution to Spanish cinema,

7 The presentation of Amaia
The presentation of Amaia

The presence of the "OT 2017" winner in Goya with Rozalén, Judit Neddermann and Manu Guix also expected one of the great moments of the gala. And this is, as usual, Amaia has returned to be true, and with her dearest naturalness, the singer begins the performance that interrupts Guix to report a technical malfunction. this prevented them from starting to sing. Then, the three singers and the Manu Guix on the piano offer a delightful number in which they played honey with all the songs nominated for Goya for the best song.

8 Remembrance of "Women on the edge of a nervous breakdown"
Remembrance of "Women on the edge of a nervous breakdown"

Twenty-five years ago, "The Women on the Edge of Nerve Breakdown" by Pedro Almodovar managed to win Goya for the best film. To celebrate the anniversary of this event, Goya 2019 has decided to pay tribute to this legendary title of Spanish cinema, which goes on stage for part of the film team presents the Best Film Award. Pedro Almodovar, Lales Leon, Juliette Serrano and Rossi de Palma presented the "Champion" award without first remembering an unforgettable moment and remembering the 1988 title.

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