Sunday , June 13 2021

Dragon Ball Super: Moro Will Cause Goku And Vegeta To Lose The Super Sailor God Picture 1 of 10 | anime

Toyotoro, in his last three sleeves from Dragon Ball Super , the premiere of a new arc history. Goku and vegetables They were involved in the pursuit of an evil villain. Only when they accomplish their mission will they be able to return to Earth. marshland It is his name and he is able to take the life of entire planets.

Do not be fooled by his appearance as an old man. Last post on sleeve revealed that under the tunic there is a thin sneaky fighter with the possibility of avoiding a direct attack from vegetablesThe main heroes will go into a frantic fight in The name of the planet to capture the villain.

But how can they overcome it? Well, a new theory has a way to win marshlandUnfortunately, it will have major consequences with the power of Goku and vegetables Recent Achievements: Super Seyhan,

According to the prelude to the new arch of Dragon Ball Super Kayosham drained his divine powers to take the magical powers to a great extent marshlandJust that way Galactic Patrol He could lock him in a cell for millions of years.

Remember this Majin Boo He has swallowed the god in question, so it is almost impossible to help in the fight. But there are two other heroes of similar strength. According to New Theory Dragon Ball Super , Goku and vegetables would have sacrificed their red stay to take away the rest of the magic marshland,

This will have consequences in other transformations, such as Blue Syyan or Ultra instinct. So far, it's just a theory, but it would be very sad if the Vega loses Saiyan God after he showed that he could stand up Broly in the film

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