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Dragon Ball Super This is what the franchise prepares in video games, manga and anime this 2019 (Gallery)

Dragon Ball In recent years, he has made an explosive return, and because of his success, the contents of this Japanese franchise will continue to be produced as money continues to run. Toei Animation he is currently working with various video game brands such as Bandai Namco, Arc System Works and creating new animated content; That's why we leave you a list of the press Dragon Ball you need to follow the step.

Second Season of Dragon Ball FighterZ

They are confirmed 12 characters new to video game of Battle of 2.5D, Dragon Ball FighterZIt is believed that more information on the new downloadable download season will be revealed at the end of World Tour of Dragon Ball FighterZ at the end of January. This title is named after the awards for games such as the best fighting game since 2018 and is available for all consoles.

A new season of the manga

Toyotaro, the disciple of the creator of Dragon Ball, Akira Torriama, is currently producing a new manga season titled "The Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol"The new chapters start in the day 21 each month; a lively adaptation is expected in the future.

Strong rumors about the creation of a new season of the anime

Toei Animation It was presented at an international television entertainment conference and its commercial presentation included a text stating that the new episodes of the animated series Dragon Ball Super,

episodes of the Dragon Ball Super animated series.

Mysterious video game "Project Z"

Bandai Namco has recently announced that he is working on something called "Dragon Ball Project Z– Which will be Action RPG, Currently not much is known about the project but several advances are expected in 2019,

Dragon Ball Super will connect later with Dragon Ball Super: Brochures, the latest franchise film that is blockbuster in the world. Production tells us the struggle between them Goku and Vegeta vs. Broly, a sage that appears mysteriously on earth after the destruction of the planet Vegata. Everything seems to show that Broley is driven out of the planet to hide the fact that there is a baby with a level of struggle higher than that of the Vega that will motivate the revenge of Broly to the Prince of the Saigon. See our review here.

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