Friday , September 24 2021

Eagle overcomes obstacles and descends from end to Leones Baseball

When all planets appear parallel Zulia Rajawali defeated this Tuesday, a fierce reaction in the eighth episode led to a scale that benefited them and won 8-5 about Caracas Lion who left the end alone Cardinal Lara.

The Raptor returned at a meeting which had more than half an hour of detention in the seventh inning due to rain, and another 20 minutes in the eighth episode, due to blackouts at the University Stadium tower. In both, Westerners consume their offensive opportunities and fall 3-4.

In addition, they suffered the expulsion of their fifth slugger, Jairo Pérez, in the second chapter, after protesting the main pitch is considered a ball and will allow him to become a base, but eventually will come out with a ground ball to the shortstop.

Nevertheless, they rose in the next round, with quadrangular solo Herlis Rodríguez and mistakes by hairy initials gave the feather a 3-0 lead.

But the capital forces began to be reduced little by little, with simple producers Harold Castro in the third chapter and pulling firecrackers from Wilfredo Tovar in the room. Another mistake, but this time from Zulia, turned the board in the sixth innings.

There the flood appeared, and the Eagles did not produce. Then the match went dark and when it seemed the color would end the night in the dugout on the right, & # 39; orange & # 39; hit hard.

Ante Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, Humberto Artega and Tito Polo & # 39; they do little things & # 39; to re-control the duel and Gustavo Molina, which fires rockets at left grasslands, seals profits, compacted with irreparable impellers, Héctor Giménez.

Forest people try, but Arcenio León he maintained his eleventh marabino victory. Both will clash again this Wednesday at 6:00 a.m., in the fourth confrontation they follow.

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