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El Omar's reply to "El Potre" Alvarez

January 26, 2019, 08:16
Updated January 26, 2019 9:11 am

Antonio Alvarez responded on Saturday to Don Omar's statements after the artist from Puerto Rico named him as supporting the ruling party.

"You can not ask for our country to be a colony of the United States, and I do not give you a public policy." The United States seems to be doomed by Providence to harass America into misery, leaving us without drugs and food for the sake of freedom, "Alvarez said in Insgragram with a picture of the two singers and performers at a concert in Caracas.

He claims that William Omar Landron, the full name of the reggae translator, continues to be his "brother" and appreciates it, although he acknowledges the leaders of the Puerto Rican nationalist movements like the carcar López Rivera. "Peace and love will be God's victory for this world, God will bless you," says El Potro.

Social network users have voiced their rejection of the Venezuelan singer's statement in the comments of his publication. They also showed their support to the actor Fast and furious after expressing his support for Venezuelan street operations.

Don Omar said on Saturday the former baseball player as a traitor, has links with official leaders, and supports their ideals while Venezuelans live with food and medicine shortages.

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