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Emiliano Salah's family pays an underwater search on the plane

January 28, 2019, 3:00 pm
Updated January 28, 2019 16:27

Argentine footballer Emiliano Salla was flying underwater to search for an airplane in which he disappeared over a canal, said a British oceanographer specializing in finding remains of ships hired for that purpose.

"Based on weather forecasts, we hope to begin an underwater search during the weekend, most likely on Sunday," said oceanographer David Mans, surrounded by the missing family's family.

The Sala family announced last Saturday that they themselves organized the operations to try to find it thanks to the money raised from an online collection after the British authorities decided on Thursday to put an end to the relief operation.

In Southampton, a ship equipped with sonar and underwater vehicle with remote control is being prepared. As explained by Mearns, in the search area the sea is about 65 meters deep, although at some points it reaches up to 110 meters.

"The family is determined to find the answers they do not have," says Merrence, director of the Bluewater Recoveries Seaside Company. "Underwater searches are the next stage if surface demand does not work," said the expert, stating that the latter would continue on Thursday and Friday with two fishing boats. "We can not guarantee anything, we can not guarantee we will find the plane, but we have good hopes," he added.

Hall and British pilot David Ibbotson flew on Monday on board the single-engine Piper PA-46-310P Malibu between the French city of Nantes and the Welsh city of Cardiff when they disappeared from the radar 20 kilometers from the British island of Guernsey, located in the English Channel.

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