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Exchange rate: Peru dollar price today 24 April 2019 | Buy Sell | SBS | Interbank | Ocoña | Economy markets

on exchange rate on dollar On Wednesday, Wednesday, it rolled five consecutive days up and posted its biggest mid-term increase for almost three months amid the strength of the dollar on the foreign markets.

The dollar rose 0.36% to S / 3,324 at interbank price, compared with S / 3,312 at the end of Tuesday, with the business amounting to 474 million dollars.

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However, foreign currency so far this year has seen a decline of 1.34%, which is a significant decrease compared to the advance of 4.05% in 2018.

In the session, dollar it stood at a minimum of S / 3,315 and then rose to S / 3,329 from the demand for dollars by foreign investors, banks and local companies in the middle of a dividend period.

On a global level the index dollar 0.46% was up against a basket of reference currencies, while investors expect the corresponding economic indicators, such as US growth in the first quarter.

IN informal market or exchange houses in Limathe exchange rate traded at S / 3,320 compared to S / 3,310 of the previous session.

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