Sunday , June 13 2021

FC Barcelona Ernesto Valverde defends his government

After the defeat against Seville in Copa del Rey, Ernesto Valverde He showed up at the press center before going to Jeronia tomorrow. And first of all, he defends his decision to rest Lionel Messi in Sanchez Psihuan: "At the discretion of the coach, he is the one who knows the best of the players and has to make decisions, doing what I think is best for my team, the player and the club, of course",

In addition to insisting that only the next match is relevant, Txingurri has talked about plans to strengthen culé's protection: "We have to take into account the situation of the club. We played with converting parties and we are considering looking at parties in the subsidiary or playing with the overturned side of the affiliate. Now we have five staff centers. We look forward to seeing what will happen to Samuel, but now this is not one of our priorities because we think Samuel is doing well ",

Finally, he referred to Malcom's situation: "He is a player who has many qualities, which is vertical, which always has the occasion to have a very clear opportunity during the game and what he needs is to have a continuity in the game. play, try to do the same,

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