Sunday , June 13 2021

Gleyber Torres appeared early for training

After his season the rookie arrives in a leading role with the Yankees

Caracas on New York Yankees they want to regain a leading role in Basic leagues; and nine days from the beginning Spring training, Gleib Torres he said to the moment Judge Aaron, Luc Voight and Didi Gregorius in the team's training complex, Tampa, Florida.

The Venezuelan infilder comes from the recruiting season where he showed his potential on the ground, and the road in 2019 seems to be made for criollo to achieve a larger role in the team.

Gregorius after surgery Tommy John he still has no date for his return to the field; so that the born in Caracas can return to a familiar territory with short stopovers.

– The question with Troy Toulovitsky is that assuming you are healthy, how much can you give us to play day after day. Even if Tulowitzki is totally healthy, I think there will be considerable time for Gleyber to play in a short while until Gregorius returns, "said the New York Yankee chief. Aaron Boone, who was pleased with the protection of Creole.

The capital took the first day of practice to free his hand and make several shots with his teammates.

The 152 innings that Gliber Torres has achieved last season seem to be enough for the boss to ensure that the Venezuelans will be able to stand for this position during the absence of the usual Gregorius step in 2019.

Over the next few days, Torres is also expected to start practicing battles in Florida.

24 Foursquare sent to his campaign rookie Gleyber Torres to be one of the offensive weapons in New York Yankees

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