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Google Maps: Increase Chernobyl building and capture horrific details Photos | Video | Viral Google Earth Google Street View | trends

Google Maps, the popular card application, has once again become the focus of attention social media after making a terrifying discovery in Chernobyl, Ukraine. The finding is made after the user has increased the image of a building apparently leaving because what has turned quickly viral,

Google Maps is on everyone's lips as a follower of the popular online card network reveals the results of a visit to the abandoned base of Chernobyl, in Ukraine. The terrible discovery came after I raised the building in the emergency area. The result quickly turned viral in others social media

In case you do not know, in Chernobyl On April 26, 1986, a terrible nuclear accident occurred, which was considered together with the nuclear accident of Fukushima, as one of the biggest ecological catastrophes in history. Why? We will explain it in detail.

Nuclear explosion in Chernobyl killed thousands of people who were victims of radiation, so authorities were forced to evacuate townbecause no man could live there; however, Google Maps cameras could support them.

According to the author of the finding, he was walking down the streets Chernobyl with Google Maps and dark and dark places found; What struck him most was a strange building that had a specific detail that left him standing.

As you can see in our gallery, if you increase this building ChernobylGoogle Maps shows you blood-colored walls that have generated any theories in social networks, some are too exaggerated.

Some users claim that the blood collected by Google Maps is one of the victims nuclear explosion; others say that radiation may eventually mutate human beings and that they are stained with blood to scare the curious.

At the moment, the origin of these blood stains is unknown. If you want to see the images captured on Google Maps Chernobyl, then do not hesitate to review our photo gallery by dragging the main image to the left.

First part of video to cool Google Maps.

Second part of video to cool Google Maps.

Strange beings in Chernobyl captured by Google Maps

Through a video published in YouTube, you can see the alleged "strange creatures" captured by Google Maps

Explore Chernobyl through Google Maps

In a video published in YouTube you can monitor a user Chernobyl to check if there are people living in this place.

Strange things found in Chernobyl on Google Maps

After the terrible nuclear accident on April 26, 1986, Chernobyl I'm practically without a resident. However, over the years and thanks to Google Maps have been able to observe different things in this place. In a video from YouTube, the user shows the weirdest things found in this popular map app.

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