Tuesday , June 15 2021

Gustavo Dudamel asked for help in Venezuela

Famous conductor Gustavo Dudamel joined the voters of his fellow countrymen on Wednesday to demand that the armed forces allow humanitarian aid to enter the country, just as the opposition insists on fighting the government that rejects an initiative.

"In times of crisis, help and solidarity must be gained," Dudamel said in a statement he published in his Twitter account yesterday saying he would be "condemning innocent" and telling the world that if the aid were blocked, politics is more important than the lives of citizens. "

In his letter, the musical director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, who two years ago distanced himself from the government after being one of his associates, directly called on the military to allow the aid to arrive as soon as possible, much. "

President Nicholas Maduro rejected the opposition's initiative as a "show" and accused his opponents of using aid to promote foreign military intervention in the country. Authorities, with the support of the military, blocked a border bridge last week to prevent the transfer of aid stored in a colony center in the Colombian town of Kukuta.

The 38-year-old musician has made his exhortation at a time when the government and the opposition have held up a confrontation that has tightened the political tensions in the South American country, plunged into a complex economic and social crisis that is deepening daily by the fiery progress of hyperinflation already surpassing one million the percentage, the strong shortage of basic commodities and the recession that lasted for four years.

At a press conference with the government, National Assembly Speaker and opposition leader Juan Guaydo announced the day before during a massive rally in the eastern part of the city that international humanitarian aid will start joining the country since October 23rd. on February.

Guido, who announced in January that he was the country's top president, urged his followers to be careful because if necessary, they resort to caravans, mobilizations or protests to get tons of food and medicines donated by the United States and private companies , which he found in Cúcuta.

"Humanitarian aid will go to Venezuela," said the 35-year-old congressman after ordering the military to allow the aid to enter.

Guaido also announced the opening of a second collection center in the Brazilian city of Roraima as well as the installation of two other centers in the coming days.

Also, the leader urged some 250,000 volunteers to attend weekend meetings to organize the penetration and distribution of the aid that is expected to lead to five large regional hospitals in the first phase.

By rejecting the opposition initiative, Vice President Delsey Rodriguez urged the population to be alert to the humanitarian aid donated by the United States and condemned it to be "polluted and poisoned"; it is carcinogenic, "citing alleged news revealed by the Colombian newspaper La Opinión de Cúcuta.

"We can say that the biological weapon is what they want with this humanitarian aid," he said.

Against the backdrop of growing domestic political tensions, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Areas traveled to New York to meet UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Ariza told the press that he had asked the UN and the world to encourage the abolition of US sanctions that froze Venezuelan assets, and urged local opposition to become independent of the US and to engage in dialogue, a process that has rejected Guaidó, claiming it would not lends itself to "fake dialogues."

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