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Guyado called on employees to use a "symbol of rebellion"

April 25, 2019, 09:12
Updated April 25, 2019 22:04

Interim President Juan Guaydo has asked staff Thursday to attend their jobs with a "symbol of rebellion" identifying them with the end of usurpation on a stretch of the route set up by parliament to hold free elections

"We ask you to go to work with a symbol of rebellion, save the country and stand on the Constitution: a sheet, a simple sheet that identifies them with the termination of usurpation, and who does not recognize a usurped organ," Guaido said in a video broadcast at social networks.

The Speaker of the National Assembly also stressed that Nicholas Maduro used these officials "as a filler for their rallies while they suffered from humiliation" and that their commitment should be in the service of "a government that is on their side and will fights for depoliticisation of the service for citizens ".

He remembered Law on guarantees for civil servantswhich was approved by the National Assembly in the first discussion on 2 April. This legal instrument aims to protect the officials and workers who contribute to the restoration of democracy. In addition, this will allow the recovery of workers who have been persecuted or dismissed for their contribution.

Guido repeated in an audiovisual call for the demonstration, calling for May 1st to "respect the public worker and work in Venezuela."

"We will not ask them to wear a flannel, or even less prefer a political model (…) We want your voice to be heard," he said.

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