Sunday , June 13 2021

Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe revealed an amazing secret from filming the first film

The actor Daniel Radcliffe, which won the world's glory in 2001 to play Harry Potter At the age of 12, he surprised all fans of the series, revealing a picture of the first film in the series.

In an interview with the Hollywood reporter, the interpreter in the company of actor Karan Sonny told details of the backstage "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", the first movie of the film adaptation of the books JK Rowling with the same name.

They both revealed that since most of the actors in the film were about 10 years old, the production had some kind of protocol when the kids fell with teeth.

"When they made the first films, most actors are aged when our teeth fall off. Then there was mold from all our teeth. So, if we missed one, they had a reserve, ready to hit it, and so we could continue to roll"said Karan Sonny.

On the other hand, Radcliffe He assured that the production knows that at any moment some of the children will change their teeth.

"You had a movie full of 20 children in about ten years. So they (the production) thought we would still move our teeth, "the translator added. Harry Potter,

The confessions of the two actors were quickly viruses in social networks, and moviegoers did not hesitate to share these unusual revelations.

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