Tuesday , July 27 2021

Having pets provides positive health benefits

Having a pet is undoubtedly a great responsibility for your carer, but the company of these animals not only fills us with happiness and happiness, but also for health can bring positive consequences, given that daily care makes many forget avoid depression and feel helpful.

Pets enjoy mental health, and even people with serious mental problems demonstrate an overview of the studies conducted by the University of Liverpool in the UK.

According to the Medical News website today, the review is based on nine medical databases in which more than 8,000 articles were reviewed before the study was reduced to only 17.

In the study, it is possible to observe the effects of the presence of cats, dogs, hamsters and goldfish on the well-being of people with mental illness.

Severe mental illness or mental condition associated with physical or developmental disorders; Even the self-adopted mental illness was some of the cases in the study.

Pets help people to control their emotions and also distract the symptoms that cause their mental health, revealed the investigation.

This happens because domestic animals offer love, unconditional support and encourage the reduction of feelings of grief and loneliness.

Dr. Helen Lewis Brooks of the University of Liverpool said pets are showing acceptance without condemnation, providing unconditional support, something that participants often do not receive from other family or social relationships.

Some patients show that pets are forcing them to keep in touch with the outside and exercise physical activity.

Owning a pet allows owners to develop a strong sense of "identity, self-esteem and existential significance."

Dr. Kelly Rushton, co-author of the study, said that as a pet "has a valuable contribution to mental health, so it has to be included in individual patient care plans."

In this connection, he added that "This review suggests that pets can provide benefits to people with mental health problems." Although he noted the need to continue the studies "to prove the nature and extent of this link and the scope of the roles and types of support that pets provide in relation to mental health."

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