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Higher grade cryptoactives during the week: LTC, QNT, and B2G CriptoNoticias

The crypto-active market has shown relatively stable behavior in 2019. After the bear market in 2018, the cost of the bits and worms has seen several variations.

However, BTC's price rose moderately this Friday, February 8, which increased the growth of other cryptoactives on the market. As is known, the behavior of a battler usually determines the tone of the other crypto-lute.

In this list, we will list the five cryptofactors that have increased their price in the last week by taking into account the 100 currencies with the highest market capitalization on the CoinMarketCap portal. Emphasizes the LTC, which rises to CMC's position 4, leaving behind ETH, XRP and BTC.

Binance Coin

The last asset on this list is the Binance Coin (BNB). This sign, built on the Ethereum network, is used by the Binance Exchange Service to facilitate operations on its platform as well as other purposes related to the services offered by the company.

This week it increased by 30%. Its market capitalization has increased from 866.8 million to 1.2 billion between 2 and 9 February, Its price rises from $ 6.71 (0.00192149 BTC) to $ 8.80 (0.00239660 BTC). This Monday is worth $ 9.49 per unit.

Source: CoinMarkerCap

Binance posted a Twitter article in its Twitter account explaining the reasons why this mark reached the tenth position of CoinMarketCap, which describes the different uses of the BNB and the obligations it has made on the stock exchange. However, it is likely that the main reason for this increase is the overall increase in the market: with the increase in Binance transactions, the demand for a marker is increasing and its prices are rising.


Litecoin is one of the main ecosystem crypto modules that implements many of Bithoin's improvements such as Lightning Network or SegWit.

This week he saw an increase of 34%, which took its market capitalization from 2 to 2.6 billion dollars, Its price has risen from $ 33.26 (0.00951393 BTC) to $ 44.39 (0.001211008 BTC). This increase is mainly seen on February 8. On February 11, his price was adjusted by 6%, with a price of 42.70 dollars.

Source: CoinMarketCap

In addition to increasing BTC, which increases other cryptoLooks, one of the factors that may have influenced this case is the announcement by its founder Charlie Lee of the implementation of the MimbleWimble protocol that could provide greater privacy in exchange with this cryptoactive.


Veritaseum is a platform that, according to its official website, uses blockchain technology to create a person-to-person capital market that does not require intermediaries.

Source: CoinMarketCap

This week it increased by 40% and its market capitalization reached 40.5 million dollars. Its price has risen from $ 13.70 (0.00951393 BTC) to $ 18.86 (0.005513281 BTC). However, Neither your social networks nor your website shows ads of any facts that might have led to this behavior, so it is likely that this is only due to the overall increase in the market.


This project aims to optimize the deployment of block-chain technology by companies by providing resources to facilitate this task that is available to developers.

In the last week increased by 88%, especially between 6 and 8 February, before the increase in BTC. During this period, its capitalization increased from 21.5 to 53.8 million dollars, representing more than 100%. After that day, when the price of other cryptoactives rose, QNT fell from $ 53.8 to $ 40.6 million in terms of capitalization, a figure that remains on February 11. The price remains above 4 dollars. His correction by February 11 is 13%.

Source: CoinMarketCap

This behavior is likely to answer a interview from Brad Lori to Gilbert Verdian, a representative of this platform, where he was talking on the Overledger tool, which allows direct communication between different blocks.


The crypt, which has increased its value this week, is called Bitcoin (B2G). According to his website, he says he "solves current problems that slow down the Bitcoin ecosystem," reducing the time to confirm, along with other measures that have been applied by other cryptoactives that have the same purpose.

Source: CoinMarketCap

The increase between February 2 and 9 is 220 percent, from 9.5 to 31.3 million dollars in market capitalization. However, the highest point of the week occurred at 5 when it reached a mark of $ 62.7 million (an increase of 560%). Its price rises from $ 0.19 (0.000000554 BTC) to $ 1.27 (0.00036812 BTC) to 5 to reach $ 0.63 (0.00017288 BTC). This is due to inclusion of B2G in platforms the Latoken and Cryptonex exchanges.

The correction of this cryptoactiv in the last hours was -50%, and on February 11 – 0.216 dollars.

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