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How a piercing in the nose left a 20-year-old girl parlay

February 12, 2019, 6:37 pm
Updated February 12, 2019, 6:45 pm

When Layane Dias last July noted that he had received an internship and planned a trip with her family, she could not imagine what would happen to her.

Only in 20 years she would have gone through the worst stage of her life.

A few days after the start of the training, he began to feel very severe back pain. He had to resort to drugs to get the job done. But they did not work.

He felt weak and finally left the traineeship.

The pain was worse until he could move his feet at last. And in the end, the rest of the body.

"I could not feel anything from the chest," he told BBC Brazil.

According to his story, the neurosurgeon who visited her explained that a bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus, which manages to carry diseases through the blood, has entered his body through an infection.

"The doctor asked if I had a wound on my nose or something, because, as he explained to me, this bacterium is usually generated in the nostrils, then I told him I had a piercing on my nose a month ago. ,

When making a cut on the skin, you need to make sure that proper hygiene measures are followed. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

When making a cut on the skin, you need to make sure that proper hygiene measures are followed. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

The doctor did not hesitate, recalls the young woman.

"The piercing was the entrance door of the bacterium to your body," he told me, listening to what puzzled me.


Layane has always liked piercing.

"Three times I had put one on the right side of my nose.

But last June he decided to change and become one on the left. For the first time there was blood during the perforation.

He also swelled and made the tip of his nose red, but he did not attach much importance to him.

"I thought it was just a grain, but it gave me a fever, cured it myself, I put some ointments and a week later disappeared."

Dermatologist Alessandra Romiti emphasizes that complications resulting from the launch of a piercing usually occur only in the area where the earring is placed.

What happened to Diaz was odd.

One day he woke up with a lot of back pain.

"I did not mind, I thought it was muscular, I took medicine, but the pain was still there, intense, the pain continued the next day, even stronger, my mother took me to the pharmacy, injected me something and the pain disappeared. It was a relief, he says.

The pain came back the next day at night, but I managed to reduce his intensity with medication. So for several days.

Until it became too strong. Then he decided to go to the doctor.

X-rays were made on her back, but the doctor did not see any anomalies, although the young woman continued to have severe pains in that part of her body.

Layane Dias still does not know if he will ever be able to walk again. Photo: LAYANE DIAS

Layane Dias still does not know if he will ever be able to walk again. Photo: LAYANE DIAS

The next day, after waking up, I no longer felt my feet.


They took her to the hospital.

"The doctor asked for blood and urine research and the results showed he had a blood infection," she says.

The doctor began to feel her leg, but she felt nothing.

Her case is classified as serious and transferred to a hospital in the capital of Brazil.

It is important that skin piercing tools are sterilized. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

It is important that skin piercing tools are sterilized. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

"The pains became stronger, but the doctors could not give me an accurate diagnosis," he remembers with pain.

He had to take morphine to endure the pain but also cause hallucinations and one of the doctors stopped the treatment.

Nuclear magnetic resonance showed he had 500 milliliters of pus between three vertebrae that pressed his spinal cord.

It was operated urgently to remove the liquid.

The surgeon responsible for the surgery, Dr. Osvaldo Ribeiro Marquez, says that, although rarely, the piercing may cause paraplegia.

"This can happen when there is some complication in the process," he says, admitting that he has not seen anything like that in his 15-year clinical experience.

"The patient is undergoing a skin procedure that causes an infection that allows the bacteria to enter the blood stream and have not been affected before with back pain so the problem is most likely caused by the bacteria in his blood, explains the neurologist.

Ribeiro Marquez believes that it is "very likely and possible" that the piercing has left Layane paraplegic, although only one genetic study can determine the true cause.

Avoid death

The operation to which the young woman is subjected has been directed to the removal of a pus which compresses her spinal cord, but in fact she tries to avoid more serious consequences.

"This procedure has stopped the progression of paraplegia, which may have spread further, the pus could have caused an infection that could kill it, and when the fluid was removed, the bone marrow was decompressed, and the patient's picture improved, "he explains. surgeon.

After the operation, Laayne did not feel the painful pain that had accompanied him in the last few weeks.

The conversation with her doctor made her understand clearly what had led her to her current situation. Piercing, blood, infection and did not come in time for help.

The student does not plan to take any legal action against the institution or professional who has placed the pendant but expects to be more concerned about the health of their clients.

Life in a wheelchair

She had to stay in the hospital two months before she was written. Already during the recovery of the hospital, he knew it was not safe to walk again.

Knowing that you can stay in a wheelchair life was one of the most difficult times.

"I was devastated," he admits.

Today she has physiotherapy sessions, but also a psychologist.

Ribeiro Marquez believes that the girl will restore leg mobility, but adds that it is too early to speculate.

Meanwhile, Diaz has learned to live with his new state.

"I met other young people in wheelchairs and saw that she could be happy, today I even play basketball and handball," he says.

His life is now very different from what he was before, but he learns to deal with it.

In January, the young woman made a public case by publishing her experience with several photos at Instagram. The story quickly became viral, and Diaz began to acquire followers. Up to 20,000 more in just a few days.

But she says she does not tell her story to prevent people from getting a piercing if she wants to.

"What I want is to be more careful, to choose the place where they will do well and that those who make the perforations are extremely careful with hygiene measures," he says.

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