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How does the curious business model of China's common makeup facilities offer high-quality, low-cost products?

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China is one of the largest markets in the world for the makeup industry.

A new trend, which is to use "common make-up rooms," raises debates in China at a time when companies are looking for new ways to take advantage of one of the world's largest beauty products markets.

These women's rooms in the big cities are a new frontier China's largest economy,

  • China, the country that practices the economy of cooperation like no other

For many people, this modality makes it accessible orSing expensive makeupOthers are shivering from the thought of sharing lipstick with a stranger.

Although these cabins have appeared in many Chinese cities since the end of last year, the recent opening of one in Wuhan, in the eastern part of the country, has sparked a massive debate on the Internet.

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The rooms are full of make-up that people can use by paying a ticket through their mobile phone.

But how are they used and what are the possibilities for their implementation in other countries?

How are they used?

Users must scan a QR code to pay a ticket that allows them to enter the room. There they find a chair and a small table with many makeup products, including expensive Western brands.

The user can use all products: from moisturizing creams to powders, shadows and lipsticks.

There are also brushes, brushes and other tools needed for make-up in the room.

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Once the entrance is paid, customers have a free bar to use all the products they want. Top class.

The products in Wuhan's cabin have expected value of US $ 590For this reason, CCTV cameras control the equipment.

Their use is between 15 and 45 minutes a relatively cheap priceIn Wuhan's room, the most that the client can spend in one session is $ 8.50.

What do potential customers think?

Young women who have tried the BBC interviewed booths evaluate the initiative.

"I thought it was very good, it's a very creative and innovative idea," says Liu, a 20-year-old woman from Wuhan.

But he added: "I do not think I use them often because they do not look very practical".

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Customers in these shared rooms can use all available makeup tools.

Another woman in Shanghai said she would use them again because her skin was badly damaged and therefore she needed high quality products.

In the forums, the answer is mixed.

Many of the Chinese Weibo network (like Twitter) believe the concept can be successful because it allows people to test the products without being bombarded by make-up shop staff or without being convinced to buy expensive products that may not be the most appropriate for them.

A consumer in Shandong Province said the room was "good", mainly because it had disposable utensils to make makeup.

But others do not think it's a good idea to share some makeup products with strangers.

For example, lipstick will be used by many people. It's not very hygienic– said a young woman in Wuhan.

"Cosmetics is a personal product, this is not an idea that I like," says another, while several women are concerned about it on possibility of infection with a virus or develop a skin problem.

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Young people who make up makeup are also growing in China.

According to the seller, the local newspaper said Youth Day in Beijingcabs can attract up to 80 clients a day.

But for now they use only a handful.

Are they really a new concept?

Sharing booths are relatively new They began to appear in China in October 2018.

Typically, they are created by private companies rather than makeup brands and can be found in large Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Nanjing.

Large public spaces that offer similar services have been in place in Japan and South Korea since 2014.

The concept is part of a fashion that promotes product sharing and reaches the Chinese market in recent years.

Bicycle rental or mobile phone chargers are among the most popular services, but there are other services in China to share a little stranger, such as hiring umbrellas and basketball balls.

China promotes shared technologies, claiming that they are good for both the economy and the environment.

And in the case of luxury brands, they serve to enable consumers to learn to distinguish authentic goods from counterfeits in an increasingly saturated market.

Will they really become popular?

They may become popular in view of increasing the purchasing power of urban consumers and their desire to spend the money left in cosmetics.

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For many, sharing something as intimate as lipstick with a stranger is unacceptable.

According to a study by the OC & C Strategy Consultants, China has the largest skin care market in the world, estimated at US $ 22,000 million after the US.

Chinese women, according to the agency's survey, have added more steps and have begun to use more products in your daily routine beauty in recent years.

It is believed that the average Chinese woman follows six or seven steps to take care of her skin before applying makeup.

For Pascal Martin, a partner of the agency, China "has a huge cosmetic market with great growth potential".

Interest in young light-skinned celebrities has also raised the cost of leather products. Many consumers spend their status in products related to their favorite celebrities.

And nets have also seen an increase in size lessons that teach how to make.

However, Martin says the cabs are still in the experimental phase and he is not sure whether they will be successful.

In his opinion care for hygiene can be a major obstacle.

"It is possible that the organizers of this concept have persuaded investors to put in money even if the concept is not completed."

"In China, there are many examples of original concepts that suddenly come out with the support of large capital, and then they face reality before they are reduced or gone."

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