Wednesday , June 16 2021

How to activate the dark Google Chrome mode on Android

Today we will explain How to activate the dark Google Chrome mode on Android, Google seems determined to bring a dark side to all versions of your browser, and after experimenting with the dark desktop Chrome mode and publishing a new dark theme that you can download, it's now a line-up for phone devices.

Right now, however, this is a test similar to what you have to do in Chrome for a desktop, but instead of downloading the Canary version, you'll need to download your mobile equivalent. Come on, this you must have the Chrome Beta app installed, as it currently works only there. Also, too you must have an Android Pie phonebecause it works in its dark mode.

Enable Dark Mode in Chrome Beta

Chrome Beta

The first thing you need to do is sign in to the Google Play Store, the official Android app store, and sign in to the Google Chrome Beta account. Once in it, make sure you've updated the browser application to the latest versionIf you do not have, you will see that an update button appears.


Once you've ordered to update Chrome, open the Android app. In him, Click the app Settings which you will almost always have at the beginning of the whole, and you will enter the configuration menu for your device.

Press System

What you will need to do now is to activate the developer mode to use the dark Android Pie mode. Do not be afraid because it is done in a simple way and you do not need to have a great deal of knowledge about it. Just once in the settings click the option system what will you have at the bottom

Phone info

Once within the capabilities of Google system, now should click the tab Phone info, because there is an option we'll need to interact with to get into developer mode.

Compilation number

Once you enter the section Phone info, now go to the option called Compilation numberHere, all you have to do is press seven times in this tab Compilation numberWhen you do, you will see a message telling you that you have become a developer. It is so easy

Developer options

Now go back to the main screen Settings on Android. When you do, go down and click the tab Developer optionsThis is an option that shows only when you've done the previous steps and gives you access to a series of advanced Android options.

Always on

Once you're within the developer capabilities, you should look for the option Dark mode and click on it. You can define when you want to activate it, and you need one of the options you get choose this from Always activated so the dark mode is always and not time dependent.

Dark Mode in Chrome

And that's it, when you have Dark Mode in Android Pie enabled, it will also automatically activate in Chrome without having to do anything else. If you do not see it, remember that it is currently only available in the Android Pie Chrome Beta, so if you're sure it's up to the latest version is still not working, I'm afraid it will be time to wait.

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