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How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages From Android to iPhone

iOS and Android are the two most popular operating systems among the large number of manufacturers and models of mobile devices that exist today. However, while Android is Google's operating system and we can find it on the majority of mobile devices on the market, iOS is the operating system of Apple and we only find it on iPhone and iPad. Two completely different environments where Apple is undoubtedly the most specific. This means that when we switch from Android phone to iPhone, we have some problems when it comes to bringing all our apps and data from one mobile phone to another. Then let's show it how to pass WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone step by step.

Undoubtedly, among all the apps we installed on our mobile phone, one of the most important when it comes to switching mobile devices is WhatsApp, as most users do not want to lose their messages when switching from Android to iOS,

The option WhatsApp offers to transmit messages from Android to iOS

The truth is that the messaging application itself allows us to back up all of our messages and files shared through WhatsApp. A copy that is easy to recover when we install the application on another terminal if we are in the same environmentthat means we move from one Android phone to another with Android or we switch from one iPhone to another.

The problem, however, comes when we change the platform because WhatsApp backup system on Android is preserved Google Drive, while in the middle of Apple this is done iCloud, This means that we can not back up Google Drive from the WhatsApp version for iOS.

In this situation, an option offered by the messaging application is available export the messages and files from those conversations we do not want to loseThat is, we will be able to send the conversations to those contacts that we do not want to lose by mail to have them on the iPhone later and be able to read them even without the need to install WhatsApp.

That's why we just have to move on to any of the conversations we do not want to lose, and once we get in, click the menu button, touch the option more and then click Export ChatThen a window will appear asking if we want to add shared media files to this chat and finally choose a way to share it with us. On this occasion, it is best to send us WhatsApp chat via e-mail to see and read them when we want from our iPhone.

Android WhatsApp App Messaging Apps on iPhone

If we want to be able to transmit all WhatsApp messages from Android to the iPhone and be able to restore them to the messaging program itself, then we will have to resort to some of the third party applications that allow us to perform this type of task.

Undoubtedly the most popular and used Dr. FaunWindows and Mac software that can be downloaded for free from the same link and created to allow users to transfer messages from WhatsApp from Android to iOS and iOS on Android with full comfort. It also allows you to recover messages and posts from other social networks.

After installing Dr. Fone, run the tool on our desktop, click the Reset Social App option, and then recover the WhatsApp messages. Then, connect the two phones to our computer and click Transfer. Automatically, the process that will pass all WhatsApp messages from Android to iOS will begin.

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