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I will not go to Venezuela to continue buying conscience

January 26, 2019, 12:42
Updated January 26, 2019 13:53

Puerto Rican singer Don Omar dismissed on Saturday the invitation of former Venezuelan baseball player Antonio Alvarez, known as "Potro Álvarez," to go to Venezuela to perform concerts.

Puerto Rico said he would not return to the country to play shows with a former baseball player so he could buy it so he could not buy the conscience of the youth.

– Do not dare to write to me as if the world is yours that you can continue doing as the new Venezuela rises from which they will also bring you out, I have not returned to show there with you or your followers. because you will not continue to buy the conscience of youngsters with dances, bottles and stirring – he wrote in his account at Instagram.

He noted that the former player had written to several personalities to visit the country. He said that in the regeton genre they do not want to have events with Alvarez.

"Venezuela, I leave to those who write to people that we can take your cause to other vigilant eyes, take care of him that on my island and sex we do not want him or … traitor!" He wrote.

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