Tuesday , May 11 2021

Iglesias accepts a new deal with the Reds

Former Alberto Quintal's player avoids arbitration

Cuban Rice Iglesias, closer to Cincinnati Reds, has accepted yesterday a three-year contract and $ 24.1 million by the 2021 season, avoiding salary arbitrage.

Churches, the Exclusive League of Alberto Quintal of the Second Force in Yucatan, had a seven-year deal for 27 million by 2020, which allowed him arbitration in 2018. Cuban won 3.2 million last season when he had 30 savings in 34 chances, best career rating, and 2.38 ERA.

Instead of allowing Eaglesia to have the right to arbitration each season, the reds offer a modified contract that offers security to both sides.

Reds have been subjected to three campaigns with at least 90 defeats. Cincinnati appointed David Bell as a vacation manager

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