Monday , January 18 2021

Instagram | Maluma was 25 years old: this was the party in Antioch by regeton VIDEO | TV | Faraddula

Although he is already one of the most popular singers in the world, maluma He is still very young. The Colombian singer celebrated his 25th birthday this week and made him surrounded by friends and family in his native Colombia.

Although he had undergone a knee surgery a few days ago due to the breakage of the ligaments, Juan Luis Londonio Arias, better known as maluma, It took time to celebrate a party to surprise that his beloved people had prepared him.

In a video that was shared in Instagramyou can see the artist in the swimming pool while holding the clip with one hand and holding a glass of alcohol containing the initials of his real name and the years he celebrates. (25)

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"It's not my birthday, but I have this party to surprise!", You hear him say maluma in the video, focusing on the camera on all of its companions who have fun, scream and cheer on behalf of the Mala Mina translator.

Manuela Londono, Maluma's sister, also shared some photos and videos on the holiday.

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