Sunday , June 13 2021

Instagram surveys remove "likes" in posts

Instagram runs a favorite network of young people, artists, athletes, and different personalities prototype on your platform to hide "like".

By Miami Editor

Social networking managers will explore the ability to hide the "likes" in publications that serve to guide users to the success and popularity of their content.

"Hiding the" like "count can reduce the herd mentality, where people just like what they already have tons of" likes. " It can also reduce the sense of competition Instagram, as consumers will not compare their own points with those of more popular friends or superstars, "the tech portal said.

Jane Manchun Wong, software engineer, open code expert, showed the most innovative partner network updatel where posts do not have a "Like" counter, although some faces are shown and the names of other people who liked it.

According to the technology website, this decision has been taken because many users have eliminated their posts by not reaching a large number of "I like" right away. Removing the counter will increase the posts through their content, regardless of the number of likes.

The social network, which has 1,000 million users at the moment, has not yet published this update, so it's just an internal prototype.

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