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It requires $ 2,000 million a month to cope with the country's crisis

May 21, 2019, 22:14
Updated May 21, 2019, 22:41

Economist Ricardo Husman, appointed by interim President Juan Guaydo as Venezuela's representative to the Inter-American Development Bank, said the country needs about $ 2,000 million a month to resolve the humanitarian crisis.

He stressed that there was no precise data on government debt, but pointed out that Lee Buhayt was the most prestigious lawyer on government debt renegotiation. He added that steps must be taken to resolve the humanitarian crisis, stabilize hyperinflation and restore the economy.

Referring to the dialogues in Norway, he said: "This is not the beginning of the negotiations, it probably does not happen about six months after the start of the transitional government."

Hausman acknowledged that he had unsuccessful communications on interest repayments of $ 71 million and noted that he was managed by the United States Treasury Department of Assets that the Pdvsa 2020 bondholders admitted to renegotiating this title with the team , appointed by the National Assembly.

"We want holders of the 2020 bonus to be removed from the license and obliged to negotiate with us because we do not think we will have the 800 million dollars to be paid in October," Hausmann said in the program. To the point and follow, with journalist Cesar Miguel Rondon.

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