Wednesday , January 20 2021

Japan will hack its own citizens to check if there are dangerous devices at home

The Japanese government has approved a new amendment to the telecoms law, which will allow it to penetrate its citizens to check if they have dangerous home-based devices. The unprecedented inspection will be carried out by the National Institute of Technology under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior and Communications.

Japan prepares for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 with the hectic precedent of South Korea in 2018. It is believed that Russia has managed to hack the organization of the Winter Olympics with the network of Olympic destroyers. Russia is also suspected in the case of VPNFilter, a botnet built on routers and insecure devices for the Internet of Things that tried to boycott the final of the Championship in 2018 in Kiev, Ukraine.

According to the Ministry of Interior and Communications of Japan, attacks targeting the devices of the Internet of Things are two-thirds of all known cyber-attacks. Therefore, the plan is to create a list of related widgets that use pre-defined or easy-to-guess passwords, send it to ISPs, and ask users to take action to protect their network.

In this unprecedented inspection, officials from the National Institute of Technology in Japan will test the security of more than 200 million IO devices, including routers and webcams. The process will begin in February and will affect both households and businesses.

If it works as expected by the government, the plan will be very positive for the safety of all Internet users in Japan. But the government's opponents do not think the same. The vast list of insecure devices looks like the wet dream of every hacker specializing in botnets; and the warning of consumers in private relations could have the same effect as doing so in a general and public way: few will be taken for granted and everything will remain the same. In any case, it would be helpful to know the results.


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