Sunday , January 24 2021

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez share their gym at Instagram

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have published the training they are doing together, but now they have decided to do so a stricter diet which they have done so far.

on a baseball player He posted a video on his social networks a routine gym along with his partner, where he added "Jennifer joined us and I in the 10-day challenge. Without carbohydrates and without sugar. Who is joining? Someone hiding cookie dough".

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his next post It was a picture of which He writes: "no carbohydrate + no sugar = much meat",

This shows that they are committed to the challenge, but J.Lo in turn admitted that "It's harder than expected"The singer has shown learning process in the stories of Instagram and within 24 hours of its launch unusual mode, he says he has learned what the body is doing for your body.

In a story, he says, "When not you consume sugar or carbohydrates you are hungry all dayThat's why we try to find a lot good sandwichesAnd they speak of cucumber, red pepper, yellow pepper, tuna, green beans, canned tuna and sugar-free gelatin.

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